Setting up access levels

How do I set up access levels on my BearBox site?

From BearBox, you can set up access levels for your customers and anyone working on the site.

Set access levels for customers

Your first step will be to set up an access zone.

Zones are made up of two things:

  • Times:periods when entry to the site is permitted.
  • AccessPoints: e.g. doors or gates.

Setting Your Zones

Go to Site Setup -> Zones.

Zone menu.

Some zone information will come from your site management software. For instance, in Space Manager, if you have customers in your database with access to 'Time Zone 1', they will have Zone 1 access in BearBox ('Working hours' in the picture below). If you've set up 'Time Zone 2' in Space Manager, that will correspond to Zone 2 in BearBox ('After Hours' in the picture below), so when you're setting up your BearBox zones, make sure they reflect the access levels you already have in your database.

Zone input.

If you're using the BearBox Rental Tools Application, this won't be an issue.

If in doubt, just ask us and we'll happily give you individual advice about how to setup your zones.

Name your zones to describe their scope e.g. 'Working Hours'. Select the Update button to commit your changes. Then we can edit the zone by selecting the pencil icon:

Edit icon.

The following zone layout details a zone that is accessible Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm using either door:

Zone schedule.

You can add as many zones as you like. If you need to delete them, hover over the pencil button and select Delete This Zone or un-check the 'Active?' box and then Update to just deactivate it.

Remove schedule.

Nobody will be able to enter this zone, until you reactivate it.

Once you've finished editing your zones, click the Send Zones to Site button at the top of the screen. Your zones should be updated a couple of minutes later.

Setting Holiday Hours

For each zone you can set holiday hours. For example, if you wanted to deny all access on public holidays, you can check the Locked all day box for holidays.

Holiday zones.

In order for this to take effect, you'll also need to set your holiday dates. Go to Site setup -> Holiday Setup

Holiday zones menu.

browse to your holiday date, add in your description and submit.

New holiday zone.

To delete a holiday click the recycle bin icon.

Delete holiday zone.

Please note:holidays don't automatically recur every year, so if you have annual holidays, make sure to enter them for each year.







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TeamViewer remote support application

If a BearBox team member has asked you to do so, please $1download and run the BearBox Remote Support application$2.

The application is a mini version of TeamViewer that will allow us to access your system. It is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. Quitting the application prevent our accessing.

 BearBox Remote Support application.